Monday, July 18, 2011

More salsa. This time, with photos.

As promised, here are some photos of my salsa-making process, a visual aid to the approximate recipe posted here.

I always gather the ingredients beforehand to get a visual sense of the proportions:

Toast the chiles and cumin first. Notice how the chiles become less wrinkly, almost puffed. They shouldn't burn but some dark spots will add a nice toasty flavor to the salsa.

Then roast the tomatillos and garlic cloves.

Place all ingredients into a blender. It works best if the tomatillos are placed at the bottom, to get a quick emulsion going.

Next, "fry" the salsa. Add the blended salsa to 2 Tbs of hot oil in a sauce pan and "fry" for about 5 minutes. It will sputter and make a mess but, in the process, will alter chemically ever so slightly, producing a more "mature" tasting salsa. Salt to taste.

And here's the product in a ramekin. You can see how the inclusion of avocado gives it a slightly creamy texture. This salsa is truly the bees knees.

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