Monday, September 26, 2011

A week of meat

After a summer of semi-vegetarianism (which, in my household, means eating mostly veggies at home and meat at restaurants and dinner parties), and after eating a delicious stuffed pork tenderloin prepared by my friend Neville, and after learning that HEB now sells ground lamb in their regular meat section, I have declared this not-yet-autumnal last week of September, the week of meat! Allow me to share some photos.

The original inspiration for the week of meet. Neville's pork tenderloin stuffed with kale and pork sausage, wrapped in prosciutto and braised in a mixture of arak and apple cider, rosemary and fall apples. Phenomenal!

Lamb meatballs
Made with a peppery garam masala, bulgur wheat, duck eggs, white onion and garlic.
Served with a sweet tomato-based curry and steamed basmati rice. The dark color comes from the roasted spices and the amchur (a sour dried mango powder), along with the dark jaggery. Pictured behind are pineapple hibiscus martinis.
An easy pork tenderloin roast made with a chile salt rub, bay leaves, cumin seed, and serrano chiles. The timing is just perfect for roasting red bliss potatoes in the same pan. I use my trusty cast-iron skillet and warm it in the oven while it pre-heats to get a good initial sear on the tenderloin.

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